Large quantities of heroin, cocaine, marijuana, meth, and some dangerous chemicals, can get you a lot of jail time in the State of Texas if your possession of these controlled substances are deemed criminal. In most cases, outside of justified possession by law enforcement, possession of any of the aforementioned dangerous drugs are serious felony offenses in the eyes of the law.

This reigns especially true in cases of repeat/habitual offenders.

A Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

If you are ever arrested for a criminal offense in Houston related to illegal drugs, its important to understand that you have rights that should be defended by an experienced Houston criminal defense attorney that knows how to work a courtroom on behalf of his clients, and has a wealth of experience doing it.

Some defendants plead guilty in order to accept probation or to serve a short jail time as punishment. The reasoning behind doing this is because it prevents them from having to go to trial and, on its surface, it may seem like a quick way to get the matter over with, but that arrest record (and conviction) will follow you for the rest of your life.

Another reason why some defendants plead guilty is because they may have been talked into accepting probation by a public defender, or even worse, the prosecution.

Believe or not, one criminal defense attorney I know, told me of a moment when he was waiting in a courtroom holding cell and witnessed a public defender scolding a defendant for not accepting the deal the prosecutor put on the table.

Then, the court appointed lawyer brought the prosecutor in to talk to him.

I’m not sure what universe that public defender was from, but in my universe the defense attorney is supposed to defend their clients rights and work to beat the case [or minimize criminal punishment], not work with the enemy to the detriment of the criminally accused.

Dangerous Drugs are harshly prosecuted in the Houston area criminal courts of the Harris County Criminal Justice System as the citizenry has spoken loud and clear about how they feel about drugs in the community.

Texans feel that illegal illicit dangerous drugs are one of the main causes of the violence in, and the degradation of – society as a whole. For the most part, they may be right. Unfortunately, The Drug War isn’t being fought (very well, if at all) when it comes to stopping the drugs from hitting American streets and seems to be being fought in the hoods and barrios of the inner cities. This is why criminal defense attorneys in Houston have no trouble meeting new clients, and prisons have no problems finding new tenants. If you are charged with a felonious drug crime in Harris County, TX, schedule a consultation to discuss the details on the case with a Houston criminal defense attorney with experience fighting drug charges.

Dangerous Drugs