Becoming a private eye is simpler than becoming a police officer, and let’s the person help their community in their own way. By being able to use their keen observation and critical thinking abilities, they can help private detective firms, police departments, private businesses, organizations, or individuals as they have the ability to either work full time or be contracted for work. The decision is up to them, however, they need to become licensed before they can enter the world as a Houston, TX private detective.

Texas Private Eyes are Regulated

For Texas, private investigators are regulated by the Texas Department of Public Safety and the person wishing to become a private eye needs to find someone who will take them under their wing. Any agency that is willing to train a new private detective must have a qualified manager who has to have a minimum of 3 years’ experience, or a combination of higher education and field experience. They must also pass a written exam and provide proof of liability insurance.

Other Qualifications for Houston Private Investigators

In addition to this training, the prospective private detective must be 18 years of age or older with no criminal history, mental defects, and they cannot have been dishonorably discharged. There may be other qualifications, as the place willing to train them is actually hiring them on, and may have standards that need to be met in order to become hired in Houston, TX.

Once these qualifications have been met, the newcomer can either train for six months and get a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice; or they can get an associate degree in criminal justice twelve months of training; or a specialized course of study directly designed for the private investigator profession, that is taught and presented with a four-year college or university degree. The institution must be accredited and recognized by the State of Texas, as that is where they will be working.

After this has been completed, the student is now a full-fledged private investigator, and can either continue working with the agency that hired them, or become a manager themselves. If they wish to become a manager, they need only register to take the manager’s exam with the Private Security Bureau and provide proof of liability insurance. They may then start their own private eye agency and become their own boss.

For more information, prospective private detectives may either go to, or call 512-424-7710.

How to Become a Private Investigator in Texas