There’s no shortage of criminal cases involving defendants who are facing criminal charges in connection with drunk driving in Houston. I mean, it’s quite understandable; people like to party, over do it, and end up stopped by HPD, then jailed for Driving While Intoxication. Imagine all the people lined up for their day in court at the Harris County Courthouse that had no idea their night would after being arrested and thrown in jail for DWI.

But hey, it happens.

The Drunk Driving Arrest: An Utter Embarrassment

field-sobriety-testIt makes absolutely no difference what led up to your arrest as it will prove to be one of the most embarrassing moments in your life.

From the beginning stages of being pulled off the roads as other drivers tips their noses as they speed by, on up to that first court appearance where you have to take-off from work and be seen by people you didn’t want to see, at a place you didn’t want to go; court. To add insult to injury, you’ve probably lost your Texas Drivers License as well, a tragedy.

With sufficient legal representation, it can go away.

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Administrative License Revocation

Instant Texas Drivers License Suspension

To the surprise of many motorists in Texas, the driving privileges of persons who are merely accused of drunk driving will be suspended almost immediately following an arrest for drunk driving. In Texas, the legal code demands that the driving privileges of anyone accused of drunk driving must be suspended immediately, or to be proper, within 15 days. suspended-license

However, with the assistance of a savvy DWI Defense Specialist, you may be able to thwart attempts by the State of Texas to suspend your license via a special hearing that must be requested within 15-16 days; or before your license is administratively revoked by the Medical Advisory Board.

This is an action taken by the State of Texas to ensure that public safety is kept in focus while your criminal case makes it’s way through the litigation process. However, many feel that it’s unfair considering they haven’t been found guilty of any crime, but accused. One must not forget that driving isn’t a right in our police state society, but a privilege which can be taken and given at the behest of the state.

Houston DWI Lawyer Tad A. Nelson discussed a number of ways that police spot drunk drivers and the general public would be wise to take his advice. You may not even be drunk and end up stopped by police because of the way you handled your vehicle on the road.

Field Sobriety Testing

It’s not required by law that you cooperate with field sobriety tests requested by police. However, with a warrant that must be issued by a judge, police can, and probably will, initiate a forced blood draw, a demoralizing experience. I have my opinions on the issue of forced blood draws and I can tell that they are on the side of morality.

If you’ve been in a similar situation like that lady in the above video, and you have an upcoming court appearance scheduled, it behooves you to seek out out the services of a qualified lawyer that handles drunk driving cases.

Finding The Best Attorney For Drunk Driving Charges

When people get into trouble with the law they tend to look for the most experienced lawyer they can find. While an intuitive action, the best lawyer you can find may not be the best lawyer for a DWI case. Drunk Driving Defense is specialty area of law requiring an attorney with an understanding of forensic toxicology, various BAC calculation devices, and much more.

The average run-of-the-mill of the most clever attorneys can’t outsmart science, but a highly trained DWI defense attorney can. When looking for a lawyer always be sure to ask their secretary if they handle a large number of drunk driving cases, or do the opposite, ask them what kinds of cases they normally handle. If they don’t say drunk driving cases brought by the Houston Police Department then get the hell out of their office because they aren’t a specialist when it comes to DWI defense.

A conviction for a drunk driving offense can result in the loss of your Texas Driver License, career, freedom, and may result in thousands of dollars in surcharges.

If you’re seeking a criminal defense lawyer to help you fight DWI charges in Harris County, Houston, or the surrounding areas, we recommend that you immediately make contact with Houston DWI Lawyer Tad A. Nelson today! You can reach his law office by calling 713-489-7373.

The DWI Lawyer: Your Best Chance of Victory